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MWMon: A Software Defined Network-based Malware Monitor
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 Title & Authors
MWMon: A Software Defined Network-based Malware Monitor
Jo, Min Jae; Shin, Ji Sun;
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An antivirus is a widely used solution for detecting malicious softwares in client devices. The performance of antivirus solutions in the mobile client environment is critical due to its resource constrains. Many solutions light-weighting client`s overhead in the mobile client environment have been developed. However, most solutions require platform modifications or software installations and it decreases their realizations in practice. In this paper, we propose a solution detecting malwares on networks using the Software Defined Network (SDN). Our main goal is designing a solution detecting malwares of mobile client without involving the client into the work. We contribute to provide a solution that does not require client-side installations or modifications and so is easily applicable in practice.
Software defined network;mobile security;
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