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Novel Optimal Controlling Algorithm for Real-time Integrated-control Smart Manufacturing System
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 Title & Authors
Novel Optimal Controlling Algorithm for Real-time Integrated-control Smart Manufacturing System
Lee, Jooyeoun; Kim, Inyoung; Jeong, Taikyeong;
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In this paper, we consider the algorithms and numerical analysis for real-time integrated control system and resource management of large-scale manufacturing smart factory system. There various data transmitted on Cyber-Physical-System (CPS) is necessary to control in real time, as well as the terminal and the platform with respective system service. This will be a true smart manufacturing which consisting of existing research results, and a numerical analysis by the parameter-specific information. In this paper, Jacoby calculation to reflect the optimization algorithms that are newly proposed. It also presents a behavior that optimal operational algorithm on CPS which is adapted to the sensing data. In addition, we also verify the excellence of the real-time integrated control system through experimentation, by comparison with the existing research results.
Smart Manufacturing;Jacobi Algorithm;IoT;CPS Smart Factory;Smart Car;
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