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A Study on the effect of welding wire diameter on the welding quality detection
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the effect of welding wire diameter on the welding quality detection
Ryu, Jeong Tak;
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Using the welding current and voltage signal processing, we have studied the influence that the diameter of the welding wire to the welding quality detection. For the experiments, We have analyzed the signal with respect to large and small artificially a gap between base materials than the welding wire. In this experiment, the 1.2 mm diameter of the welding wire was used, and distance between the welding base materials was respectively 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm. In the welding with a large defect than the diameter of the welding wire it was able to detect a change in the welding current and welding voltage. But it could not detect a change in the welding current and welding voltage in the welding has a small defect than the welding wire diameter.
base material gap;Welding wire diameter;Welding current and voltage;Signal processing;Welding defects;
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