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Study on the behavioral model of co-creation by customers
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 Title & Authors
Study on the behavioral model of co-creation by customers
Kim, Na Rang; Hong, Soon Goo; Kim, Jong Ki; Park, Soon Hyung;
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The main objective of this study is to provide the behavioral model of co-creation by customers and explorer influential factors of participation from the customer`s perspective. To achieve the research goals, we employed grounded theory and conducted intensive interviews of 8 customers who had writing product reviews experiences with Beauty Net. The study results indicate that the most important influential factors of participation from the customer`s perspective are: (1) Co-creation platform; (2) Co-creation policy; and (3) Individual characteristics.
Co-creation;Participation;Intrinsic motivation;Extrinsic motivation;
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지식공유의 내재적 외재적 동기가 사회적 유대감과 만족감에 미치는 영향,박소라;강재정;

한국정보시스템학회지:정보시스템연구, 2016. vol.25. 3, pp.91-116 crossref(new window)
공동가치창출을 위한 활성화 정책이 참여 동기에 미치는 조절 효과 분석,김나랑;홍순구;김종기;

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