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A Study on Cloud Service Quality by Using Importance-Performance Analysis
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Cloud Service Quality by Using Importance-Performance Analysis
Park, So Hyun; Lee, Kuk Hie; Park, Sung Sik;
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This study sheds light on the quality aspect of cloud computing services as next IT platform. Three tasks of the research are to extract the quality factors of cloud service from the user`s viewpoint, empirically analyze the perceptual differences between the user group and the provider group by applying the IPA technique, and suggest some quality factors that need to be improved. Based on the previous researches and focus group evaluation, 13 quality factors have been established. Two field surveys have been performed respectively to collect the perceptual importance and satisfaction level of the users and the providers. It is shown that the quality satisfaction of the user group is lower than the quality perceived by the providers. And there exist significant differences between two groups in respect to quality importance level and IPA matrix. In conclusion, 6 quality factors that need to be improved are suggested such as service functionality, service availability, interoperability, scalability, confidentiality, and provider`s responsiveness.
cloud quality;important-satisfaction gap;IPA;perceptual differences;
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