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Research on Methods for Processing Nonstandard Korean Words on Social Network Services
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 Title & Authors
Research on Methods for Processing Nonstandard Korean Words on Social Network Services
Lee, Jong-Hwa; Le, Hoanh Su; Lee, Hyun-Kyu;
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Social network services (SNS) that help to build relationship network and share a particular interest or activity freely according to their interests by posting comments, photos, videos, on online communities such as blogs have adopted and developed widely as a social phenomenon. Several researches have been done to explore the pattern and valuable information in social networks data via text mining such as opinion mining and semantic analysis. For improving the efficiency of text mining, keyword-based approach have been applied but most of researchers argued the limitations of the rules of Korean orthography. This research aims to construct a database of non-standard Korean words which are difficulty in data mining such abbreviations, slangs, strange expressions, emoticons in order to improve the limitations in keyword-based text mining techniques. Based on the study of subjective opinions about specific topics on blogs, this research extracted non-standard words that were found useful in text mining process.
Text Mining;Non-standard;Stemming Korean;Unicode;
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오픈소스 소프트웨어를 활용한 자연어 처리 패키지 제작에 관한 연구,이종화;이현규;

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