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An Empirical Study on the Relationships among Job Satisfaction of Employees, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction in Military Logistics
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 Title & Authors
An Empirical Study on the Relationships among Job Satisfaction of Employees, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction in Military Logistics
Cho, Chong-Mok; Lee, Hong-Hee; Hong, Suk-Ki;
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Even though the Korean military continued to develop military logistics support systems, sufficient research on logistics service has not been conducted. The main purpose of the research is to examine employees` job satisfaction of logistics units by logistics functions (the ordnance, the supply, the food), and further the relationship between the job satisfaction of logistics units and service quality of the user(combat) units. Some results are as follows. First, the job satisfaction among logistics units was significantly different by functions. Second, the tangible among service quality factors of user units was been significantly different among functional units. Finally, through the post hoc analyses, some meaningful results on service quality were also identified.
Military logistics;Employee job satisfaction;Service quality;Customer satisfaction;
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