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Bending Vibration Analysis of Width Tapered Beams with Concentrated Tip Mass
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 Title & Authors
Bending Vibration Analysis of Width Tapered Beams with Concentrated Tip Mass
Lee, Jung Woo; Kwak, Jong Hoon; Lee, Jung Youn;
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A transfer matrix method has been developed to determine the more accurate natural frequencies for the bending vibration of Bernoulli-Euler beam with linearly reduced width and a concentrated tip mass. The proposed method can be computed an infinite number of the natural frequencies using a single element. Using the differential equation, shear force, and bending moment in which can be deduced by the diverse variational principles, a transfer matrix is formulated. The roots of the differential equation are computed by the Frobenius method. The effect of the concentrated mass for the natural frequencies of width-tapered beams is examined through a parametric study, and to show the accuracy of the proposed method, the computed results compared with those obtained from commercial finite element analysis program(ANSYS).
Bending Vibration;Transfer Matrix Method;Free Vibration Characteristics;Bernoull-Euler Beam;Tip Mass;
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