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Band-pass Filter based Artificial Filter Bank for Structural Health Monitoring
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 Title & Authors
Band-pass Filter based Artificial Filter Bank for Structural Health Monitoring
Heo, Gwanghee; Jeon, Joonryong; Jeon, Seunggon;
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This study developed a band-pass filter based artificial filter bank(BAFB) based on that in order to efficiently obtain the significant dynamic responses. The BAFB was then optimized about the El-centro earthquake wave which was often used in the construction research, and the software implementation of BAFB was finally embedded in the wireless unified management system(WiUMS). For the evaluation of the developed BAFB, a real time dynamic response experiment was performed on a cable-stayed bridge model, and the response of the cable-stayed bridge model was measured using both the traditional wired system and the developed BAFB-based WiUMS. The experiment results showed that the compressed dynamic response acquired by the BAFB-based WiUMS matched significantly with that of the traditional wired system while still carrying sufficient modal information of the cable-stayed bridge. Finally, the developed BAFB was able to reconstruct or re-sample the dynamic response wholly from the compressed response signal, and it can be applied as a new kind of measurement system for a wireless sensor networks based structural health monitoring system that secures both economy and efficiency.
Structural Health Monitoring;Band-pass Filter Based Artificial Filter Bank;Band-pass Filter Optimizing Algorithm;Peak-picking Algorithm;Wireless Unified Measurement System;Reconstruction Error;Compressive Ratio;
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