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A Study of Scaling Law for the Response of V-shape Structure Protecting Landmine
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 Title & Authors
A Study of Scaling Law for the Response of V-shape Structure Protecting Landmine
Kim, Dong Kyu;
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As many of armored vehicles are seriously exposed to threat of IEDs(Improvised Explosive Devices) in the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war. V-shaped military vehicles are deeply studied in order to protect crews and mounted soldiers against land mines. Generally the experiment on full-scaled V-shaped structure needs excessively high cost, which becomes a huge barrier to study. In this paper, we explore the possibility to make a half-scaled model of the V-shaped structure by using the geometric similarity scaling. We demonstrate the geometric similarity scaling between the original model and the half-scaled model is established on the momentum and deflections of structure via computer simulations and experiments. At this stage, we conduct only numerical analysis of predicting vibration of V-shaped structure because measuring vibration of structure is difficult in the mass-explosion experiment, which is remained as future work.
LS-DYNA;Landmine;Similitude Law;V-shape Structure;IED;
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