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Effect of Extraction Methods on the Extraction Yield of Total Lipid and Arachidonic Acid from Single Cell Oil, Mortierella sp.
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Extraction Methods on the Extraction Yield of Total Lipid and Arachidonic Acid from Single Cell Oil, Mortierella sp.
Kim, Sun-Ki; Chung, Guk-Hoon; Han, Jeong-Jun; Cho, Sang Woo; Yoon, Suk Hoo;
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An oleaginous fungus was isolated from soil and identified as Mortierella sp. (M-12) for producing arachidonic acid (AA). Cell disruption methods, extraction methods, and particle sizes of freeze-dried biomass were tested to achieve maximum extraction of total lipids and AA. M-12 grown in glucose yeast media at for 7 days contained 35.5% total lipid, and 47% of the total lipid was AA. Lipid extraction yield from wet biomass was shown to be similar to that in a dry state. Maximum lipid extraction was achieved using a mixture of chloroform and methanol (2:1) as an extraction solvent. Different mechanical cell disruption methods did not affect lipid extraction yields. The smaller the particle size of the biomass, the better the lipid extraction yield was observed. Particle size of biomass was shown to more strongly affect lipid extraction than extraction time. The highest AA content was observed in the class of neutral lipids.
Mortierella sp.;single cell oil;lipid extraction;fatty acid composition;arachidonic acid;
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미생물에 의한 단세포유지의 생산과 이용,김용노;윤석후;

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모르티에렐라(Mortierella)속 유래 단세포유지로부터 추출한 지방질의 탈색,김선기;정국훈;한정준;조상우;윤석후;

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