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Rheological Characteristics and Molecular Weight of Ammonium-Sulfate Fractions of Tara Gum
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 Title & Authors
Rheological Characteristics and Molecular Weight of Ammonium-Sulfate Fractions of Tara Gum
Kim, Kyeong-Yee;
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This study aimed at characterizing the rheological properties and molecular weight of tara gum fractionated with ammonium sulfate. Tara gum was separated into six fractions (F1-F6) at different concentrations of ammonium sulfate, ranging from 12.21 to 28.67% (w/w). The yield of the tara gum fractions ranged between 4.98 and 17.47%, and their intrinsic viscosity ranged from 9.38 to 12.44 dL/g. The highest values of Huggins coefficient (k`) and viscosity-molecular mass were observed in fraction F3. The shear viscosity of the tara gum fractions was measured by a cone-plate viscometer, clearly showing shear thinning behavior. Size-exclusion chromatography results showed that the molecular weight ranged between 635.42 and 776.71 kg/mol, and the F3 fraction exhibited higher values of molecular weight.
tara gum;fractionation;intrinsic viscosity;shear thinning flow behavior;molecular weight;
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