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Bleaching of Lipids Extracted from Single Cell Oil Produced by Mortierella sp.
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 Title & Authors
Bleaching of Lipids Extracted from Single Cell Oil Produced by Mortierella sp.
Kim, Sun-Ki; Chung, Guk-Hoon; Han, Jeong-Jun; Cho, Sang Woo; Yoon, Suk Hoo;
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The deacidified oil obtained from the oleaginous fungus, Mortierella sp. (M-12) was bleached, after degumming, using activated clay under a 50-100 mmHg vacuum. The bleaching conditions were partially optimized as follows: activated clay, 1%, bleaching temperature , and treatment time 20 min. After bleaching, the color of bleached oil as determined by the Lovibond Tintometer, satisfied the specification for edible fats and oils. The bleaching process also decreased the contents of free fatty acids and phosphorus in the deacidified oil. The acid value of the bleached oil also satisfied the specification for edible fats and oils. It was early shown that the normal bleaching process can be used for the bleaching of heavily-colored microbial lipids for human consumption.
Mortierella sp.;single cell oil;arachidonic acid;bleaching;deacidification;
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미생물에 의한 단세포유지의 생산과 이용,김용노;윤석후;

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