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Effect of Monascus-Fermentation on the Content of Bioactive Compounds in White and Black Soybeans
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Monascus-Fermentation on the Content of Bioactive Compounds in White and Black Soybeans
Jin, Yoo-Jeong; Pyo, Young-Hee;
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Changes in the contents of mevinolins (natural statins, ), coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, ), and tocopherols ( dry weight) in Monascus-fermented soybean were determined using HPLC. Significant increases (p<0.05) in mevinolins and CoQ10 were obtained in Monascus-fermented soybean after 20 days of fermentation compared with unfermented soybean (0 days), whereas no significant change (p>0.05), or a slight decrease, in tocopherols was observed. The results indicate that Monascus-fermentation has great potential for enriching mevinolin and CoQ10 in soybeans.
Monascus sp.;soybean;mevinolin;coenzyme Q10;tocopherol;
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