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Effect of Addition of Egg Yolk Lecithin on the Lipid Oxidation of a Water/canola Oil Emulsion
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Effect of Addition of Egg Yolk Lecithin on the Lipid Oxidation of a Water/canola Oil Emulsion
Choe, Jeesu; Choe, Eunok;
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Effect of the addition of egg yolk lecithin at a concentration of 350 mg/kg on iron-catalyzed autoxidation and chlorophyll-photosensitized oxidation of a water/canola oil emulsion (W/O) during storage at was studied based on headspace oxygen consumption and hydroperoxide production. Changes in the phospholipid (PL) composition of the emulsion were determined by high performance liquid chromatography. Headspace oxygen consumption and hydroperoxide content of the emulsion increased with storage time, and addition of egg yolk lecithin did not have any significant effect on these parameters during iron-catalyzed autoxidation and chlorophyll-photosensitized oxidation of the emulsion. PL content of the emulsion decreased during both oxidations, and the degradation rate was higher during autoxidation than during photosensitized oxidation. Phosphatidylcholine content ratio tended to increase during autoxidation. The results suggest that egg yolk lecithin in canola oil emulsion behaves differently during iron-catalyzed autoxidation and chlorophyll-photosensitized oxidation.
egg yolk lecithin;emulsion;iron-catalyzed oxidation;chlorophyll-photosensitized oxidation;degradation of phospholipids;
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