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Quality Characteristics Influenced by Different Packaging Materials in Washed Potatoes through an Integrated Washing System
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 Title & Authors
Quality Characteristics Influenced by Different Packaging Materials in Washed Potatoes through an Integrated Washing System
Kim, Su Jeong; Sohn, Hwang Bae; Mekapogu, Manjulata; Kwon, Oh Keun; Hong, Su Young; Nam, Jung Hwan; Jin, Yong Ik; Chang, Dong Chil; Suh, Jong Taek; Jeong, Jin Cheol; Kim, Yul Ho;
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This study was performed to investigate the effect of packaging materials on quality characteristics of washed potatoes such as Hunter`s a value, chlorophyll and potato glycoalkaloids (PGA) content during their storage for 15 days. Packaging methods were evaluated into five ways: no packaging (NP, positive control), paper bag (PB, negative control), onion net (ON), transparent oriented to polypropylene without hole (TP), opaque oriented polypropylene with 4 holes (OP). Hunter`s a values of washed potatoes showed minus in NP and TP after 12 days storage, whereas all plus values were observed in those of PB, ON, and OP. Total chlorophyll content of washed potatoes was the highest in no packaging at 15 days after storage. The PGA content of washed potatoes showed low levels in flesh part (below ) as well as in peel part () in all packagings up to 15 days after storage.
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