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A Study on Contents of Sugar and the Activities of Amylase in Enzyme Foods and Enzyme-shaped Foods
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  • Journal title : Journal of Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Volume 30, Issue 4,  2015, pp.359-365
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Food Hygiene and Safety
  • DOI : 10.13103/JFHS.2015.30.4.359
 Title & Authors
A Study on Contents of Sugar and the Activities of Amylase in Enzyme Foods and Enzyme-shaped Foods
Kim, Myeong-Gil; Oh, Moon-Seog; Kang, Suk-Ho; Kim, Han-Taek; Yoon, Mi-Hye;
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the contents of sugars and -amylase and -amylase activities in 98 specimen with enzyme foods and enzyme-shaped foods (the other processed foods, beverage bases, fermented drinks, liquid teas). The -amylase activity in enzyme foods and the other processed foods were ranged 4.9~53,854.6 U/g and 2.9~1,182.7 U/g, respectively, there was a big difference in the same type. The -amylase activity of the fermented products (beverage bases, fermented drinks, liquid teas) were ranged 0.1~1.7 U/g. The average of -amylase activity in enzyme foods, the other processed foods, the fermented products were found 126.0 U/g, 5.6 U/g and 10.5 U/g, respectively, enzyme-shaped foods were a lot lower than enzyme foods. Total contents of sugars were average 22.4 g/100 g in enzyme foods, 14.8 g/100 g in the other processed foods, 46.9 g/100 g in beverage bases, 41.1 g/100 g in fermented drinks, 39.5 g/100 g in liquid teas, total contents of sugars appeared high amount in the fermented products. Correlations between -amylase activity and lactose content was statistically significant in enzyme foods (r
-amylase;-amylase;enzyme foods;
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