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Antioxidative Effect of Fermented Rhynchosia nulubilis in Obese Rats
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  • Journal title : Journal of Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Volume 30, Issue 4,  2015, pp.383-389
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Food Hygiene and Safety
  • DOI : 10.13103/JFHS.2015.30.4.383
 Title & Authors
Antioxidative Effect of Fermented Rhynchosia nulubilis in Obese Rats
Bae, Gui-jeong; Ha, Bae-jin;
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This study was to examine the antioxidative activity of fermented Rhynchosia nulubilis (FRN) in obese rats. Oxidative stress due to reactive oxygen species (ROS) can cause oxidative damage to cells. Mitochondria are especially important in the oxidative stress as ROS have been found to be constantly generated as an endogen threat. Mitochondrial defense depends mainly on superoxide dismutase whereas microsomal defense depends on catalase, which is an enzyme abundant in microsomes. Seven weeks-aged female Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into four groups and fed high fat diets for 44 days. Also fermented Rhynchosia nulubilis was administered orally for 44 days at 7.5 ml/kg of body weight of rats. The antioxidative activities of fermented Rhynchosia nulubilis were measured by the superoxide dismutase, catalase, malondialdehyde levels in liver homogenate. The levels of malondialdehyde in FRN-treated groups were lower than those in obese groups. Superoxide dismutase and catalase levels were significantly increased. These results demonstrated that fermented Rhynchosia nulubilis had the inhibitive effects of oxidative stress in obese rats, suggesting that fermented Rhynchosia nulubilis would be used as an ingredient of the useful functional products.
Obese;Rhynchosia nulubilis;Anti-oxidation;Fermentation;
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고지방식이로 유도한 신장의 산화적 스트레스에 대한 자화지정(紫花地丁)의 항산화 효과,최미혜;박인식;

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