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Effect of Red Ginseng-Chungkukjang Extracts on Lipid Profiles of Serum in Alcohol Administered Diabetes-Induced Rats
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Effect of Red Ginseng-Chungkukjang Extracts on Lipid Profiles of Serum in Alcohol Administered Diabetes-Induced Rats
Lee, Sang-Il; Shin, Jin-Gi; Kim, Soon-Dong;
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To evaluate red ginseng-chungkukjang extracts (RC) on levels of blood sugar and serum lipids in diabetes rats fed with ethanol, SD rats were supplemented 2 mL of ethanol solution with or without RC by gastric intubation for 2 weeks after streptozotocin (STZ) injection and then body weight gains, food efficiency ratio (FER), water intake, urine volume, organ weight, levels of blood sugar and serum lipids were determined. Water intake and urine volume were not restored in STZ-treated rats by RC supplementation. On the other hand, decreased body weight gam and FER were restored in diabetes rats by RC supplementation. Furthermore, levels of blood sugar, serum triglyceride, total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol were significantly decreased by RC supplementation. The rate of mortality in diabetes rats was significantly inhibited by RC supplementation. These results suggest that inhibited rate of mortality in diabetes rats by supplementation of ethanol with RC was considered to be due to improvement of blood sugar and serum lipids levels by components of RC.
red ginseng;chungkukjang;diabetes;alcohol administration;lipid profiles;
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