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Effect of Grain Size and Drying Temperature on Drying Characteristics of Soybean (Glycine max) Using Hot Air Drying
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Grain Size and Drying Temperature on Drying Characteristics of Soybean (Glycine max) Using Hot Air Drying
Park, Hyeon Woo; Han, Won Young; Yoon, Won Byong;
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The effects of drying temperature on drying characteristics of soybeans with different grain sizes [6.0 (S), 7.5 (M), and 9.0 mm (L) ()] with 25.0% () initial moisture content were studied. Drying temperatures varied at 25, 35, and , with a constant air velocity (13.2 m/s). Thin-layer drying models were applied to describe the drying process of soybeans. The Midilli-Kucuk model showed the best fit ( >0.99). Based on the model parameters, drying time to achieve the target moisture content (10%) was successfully estimated. Drying time was strongly dependent on the size of soybeans and the drying temperature. The effective moisture diffusivity () was estimated by the diffusion model based on Fick's second law. values increased as grain size and drying temperature increased due to the combined effect of high temperatures and high drying rates, which promote compact tissue. Deff values of S, M, and L estimated were in the range of to , to , and to , respectively, whereas activation energy () based on drying temperature showed no significant differences in the size of soybeans.
hot air drying;drying characteristics;grain size;thin-layer drying models;soybean;
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