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Convenient Method for Selective Isolation of Immuno-Stimulating Polysaccharides from Persimmon Leaves
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 Title & Authors
Convenient Method for Selective Isolation of Immuno-Stimulating Polysaccharides from Persimmon Leaves
Lee, Sue Jung; Hong, Hee-Do; Shin, Kwang-Soon;
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The biological activity of polysaccharide is greatly influenced by polysaccharide structure and molecular distribution. Here, we developed a rapid and convenient isolation method for fractionating polysaccharides with different characteristics and optimized it using a polysaccharide mixture from Korean persimmon leaves. A crude polysaccharide mixture, persimmon leaves-enzyme (PLE) fraction, was isolated from persimmon leaves digested with pectinase and ethanol precipitation. The PLE fraction was further fractionated with a serially diluted ethanol solution (ethanol : deionized water
persimmon leaves;isolation method;immuno-stimulating activity;polysaccharide;rhamnogalacturonan;
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