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Attenuation Effects of Herbal Mixture Extract on Stress and Sleep Disturbance in Rats
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 Title & Authors
Attenuation Effects of Herbal Mixture Extract on Stress and Sleep Disturbance in Rats
Jung, An Na; Lee, Bo Kyung; Lee, Doo Yi; Lee, Ji In; Jung, Yi-Sook;
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In the present study, we examined whether or not an herbal mixture extract (HME) has attenuation effects on immobilization stress and sleep disturbance in rats. Immobilization stress was induced by restricting movement using a constraint box for 2 h, and sleep disturbance was induced by exposure to 300 lx of constant light for 24 h and injection of caffeine (1 mg/kg, i.p.). Rats were orally treated with distilled water (vehicle) or HME for 3 weeks at different doses of 10, 30, and 100 mg/kg/d (HME I, II, and III, respectively). In the immobilization model, HME III treatment significantly decreased adrenal gland weight, whereas HME II and III treatment reduced plasma levels of cortisol. HME II and III also reduced the level of IL-6. In the sleep disturbance model, HME II and III meaningfully reduced the plasma level of cortisol, and the increased plasma level of melatonin. HME III significantly increased body weight. HME reduced immobilization stress and ameliorated disturbance in rats. These findings suggest that HME may have beneficial potential for attenuation of sleep disturbance and stress.
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