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Effect of Active Master Packaging System on Preservation of Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms in Supply Chain
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Active Master Packaging System on Preservation of Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms in Supply Chain
An, Duck Soon;
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Master packaging system consists of an inner individual package and secondary outer package. During the stages of chilled transport and distribution, the combination of primary individual package and secondary package was used to maintain a modified atmosphere for shiitake mushrooms. During the retail stage at higher temperature (), the primary individual package was exposed to display conditions after dismantling of the secondary packaging. The master packaging system was constructed to contain eight individual thick polypropylene film bags of 500 g shiitake mushrooms inside a low-density polyethylene bag. Carbon dioxide absorbent material [] and/or moisture absorbent (superabsorbent polymer) were designed in their required amounts based on respiration characteristics and then applied to the outer secondary packaging in sachet form. Gas concentration of the packaging, temperature, and humidity were monitored throughout transport and storage. The quality of shiitake mushrooms was measured at the retail stage to determine the packaging effect. During the distribution stage of 108 h, and concentrations in the master packaging system were maintained at 9~11% and 1~4% in the inner packaging, respectively, which are good for quality preservation. Compared to the control, the master packaging with and/or moisture absorbents improved mushroom preservation and particularly reduced decay.
shiitake mushroom;modified atmosphere packaging;master packaging;/moister absorber;distribution;
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