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Protective Effect of Onion Wine on Alcoholic Fatty Liver in Rats
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 Title & Authors
Protective Effect of Onion Wine on Alcoholic Fatty Liver in Rats
Kim, Juyeon; Seo, Yunjung; Park, Joong-Hyeop; Noh, Sang Kyu;
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This study was designed to investigate whether consumption of onion wine can reduce serum biomarkers of ethanol-induced fatty liver in rats. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were initially trained for meal feeding to prevent reduction of food intake. After the training period, rats were weight-matched and assigned to the following three groups: 1) a control group fed a control liquid diet containing maltose-dextrin, 2) an ethanol group fed an ethanol liquid diet with 95% ethanol, and 3) an onion wine group fed the same ethanol liquid diet but containing onion wine extract at 1 mL/d/group. All three groups were fed daily for 6 weeks. At 0, 3, and 6 weeks, blood was collected via the orbital sinus following overnight food deprivation and terminally organs collected. Blood lipids and transaminase activities significantly increased in the ethanol-fed group but significantly reversed in the onion wine-fed group. The hepatic levels of fat and cholesterol at 6 weeks were significantly elevated by ethanol administration but significantly reduced by onion wine. These findings indicate that onion wine may ameliorate ethanol-induced fatty liver by lowering hepatic and blood lipid levels.
alcoholic fatty liver;onion wine;rats;
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