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Effect of Mulberry Extract Complex on Degenerative Arthritis In Vivo Models
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Mulberry Extract Complex on Degenerative Arthritis In Vivo Models
Li, Hua; Yun, Sat-Byul; Shin, So Hee; Jeong, Jong-Moon;
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The objective of this research was to investigate the in vivo effects of treatment with mulberry extract complex (MEC) on cartilage degeneration and pain severity in an experimental model of rat degenerative arthritis. Monosodium iodoacetate () was injected into right knee joints of rats, followed by administration of MEC for 8 weeks at 400 mg/kg or 800 mg/kg of body weight. The experimental data show that treatment with MEC inhibited degradation of glycosaminoglycan and collagen in cartilage. On the other hand, concentrations of cartilage oligomeric matrix protein, C-terminal telopeptide-2, matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2, MMP-9, and MMP-13 in serum decreased in comparison with the control. The MEC at all dose levels could inhibit formation of xylene-induced ear edema. In this study, MEC demonstrated significant anti-arthritis activity, which is required for improvement of degenerative arthritis. Based on these results, MEC may be employed for the development of new health foods to ease symptoms of degenerative arthritis.
MEC;degenerative arthritis;cartilage degeneration;pain severity;xylene-induced ear edema;
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