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In Vitro Hepatoprotective Effects of Fermented Curcuma longa L. by Aspergillus oryzae against Alcohol-Induced Oxidative Stress
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 Title & Authors
In Vitro Hepatoprotective Effects of Fermented Curcuma longa L. by Aspergillus oryzae against Alcohol-Induced Oxidative Stress
Sung, Heami; Lee, Yoo-Hyun; Jun, Woojin;
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Protective effects of fermented Curcuma longa L. (CL) against alcoholic liver damage were investigated in HepG2/2E1 cells. Fermented CL was extracted by cold water (FCC), hot water, 80% ethanol, and methanol. Of the four extracts, the strongest hepatoprotective effect against ethanol-induced oxidative stress was observed in FCC. Pretreatment with FCC also reduced intracellular reactive oxygen species formation compared to ethanol-alone treated cells. FCC also enhanced catalase, glutathione-S-transferase, glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase, and non-enzymatic antioxidative activities such as glutathione compared to alcohol-treated HepG2/2E1 cells. Our findings suggest that FCC might be considered as a useful agent in the prevention of liver damage induced by oxidative stress by increasing the antioxidant defense mechanism.
alcohol;oxidative damage;hepatoprotective effect;HepG2/2E1;Curcuma longa L.;
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