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Effects of Combined Treatment with High Concentration and Ascorbic acid on Browning of Fresh-cut 'Fuji' Apples
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Food Preservation
  • Volume 18, Issue 4,  2011, pp.475-480
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Food Preservation
  • DOI : 10.11002/kjfp.2011.18.4.475
 Title & Authors
Effects of Combined Treatment with High Concentration and Ascorbic acid on Browning of Fresh-cut 'Fuji' Apples
Kim, Sun-Young; Cho, Jung-Seok; Jeong, Moon-Cheol; Moon, Kwang-Deog;
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This papers were studies the effects of high concentration pretreatment and ascorbic acid on the browning of fresh-cut apples. The prepared samples were dipped in 1% (w/v) ascorbic acid solution (AA). Fresh-cut apples (3 pieces) were packed in polypropylene bags (0.03 mm, cm), and stored at for 16 days. AA-treated samples showed higher L value than those of non-treated and control (dipped in water without pretreatment), while non-treated samples showed higher hardness than AA-treated sample. Total soluble solids, pH, titratable acidity were not affected by high pretreatment and AA treatment. These result shows high concentration pretreatment with dipping in 1% ascorbic acid solution (AA) has an effects on controlling enzymatic browning during the storage of fresh-cut 'Fuji' apples.
high concentration;ascorbic acid;enzymatic browning;fresh-cut apple;
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초음파 및 Ascorbic acid 병용처리가 신선절단 '쓰가루' 사과의 갈변에 미치는 영향,조정석;정문철;문광덕;

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