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Effect of Green Tea and Lotus Leaf Boiled Water Extracts Treatment on Quality Characteristics in Salted Mackerel during Storage
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Food Preservation
  • Volume 18, Issue 5,  2011, pp.643-650
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Food Preservation
  • DOI : 10.11002/kjfp.2011.18.5.643
 Title & Authors
Effect of Green Tea and Lotus Leaf Boiled Water Extracts Treatment on Quality Characteristics in Salted Mackerel during Storage
Nam, Ki-Ho; Jang, Mi-Soon; Lee, Doo-Seog; Yoon, Ho-Dong; Park, Hee-Yeon;
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This study was carried out to analyze the quality change of mackerel treated of green tea and lotus leaf boiled water extracts. And investigate the antioxidant effects of them on the lipid peroxidation of mackerel during storage at for 28 days. It was estimated periodical measurements of proximate composition, pH, carbonyl, volatile basic nitrogen, trimethylamine-N, acid, peroxide and thiobarbituric acid values. It had no effect on proximate composition compared with non- treated control nearly but, pH of all the samples was increase during 28 days continuously. The contents of volatile basic nitrogen and trimethylamine-N lower than control during storage. Also, acid, peroxide and thiobarbituric acid values of mackerel treated of green tea and lotus leaf boiled water extracts were significantly lower than control throughout storage period. Especially, mackerel treated of 2% green tea and lotus leaf boiled water extracts shows that more effective than 1% of things in antioxidant during storage. Results indicate that the application of green tea and lotus leaf boiled water extract on the surface of mackerel may be useful to lower the rancidity degree and fish odor during storage.
mackerel;green tea;lotus leaf;peroxide value;acid value;
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