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Anti-oxidant and Anti-skin-aging Effects of Abalone Viscera Extracts in Human Dermal Fibroblasts
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Food Preservation
  • Volume 19, Issue 4,  2012, pp.463-469
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Food Preservation
  • DOI : 10.11002/kjfp.2012.19.4.463
 Title & Authors
Anti-oxidant and Anti-skin-aging Effects of Abalone Viscera Extracts in Human Dermal Fibroblasts
Li, Jinglei; Tong, Tao; Ko, Du-Ock; Chung, Dong-Ok; Jeong, Won-Chul; Kim, Ji-Eun; Kang, Seong-Gook;
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In this study, the anti-oxidant and anti-elastase activities of four abalone viscera extracts were investigated to screen the most promising extract. This extract was further studied in terms of its anti-skin-aging properties. In the DPPH-scavenging assay, the Tris-HCl extract showed a radical-scavenging activity, which was followed closely by the ethanol extract that had a scavenging activity. In the anti-elastase assay, however, the ethanol extract showed the significantly highest elastase inhibition activity. Furthermore, none of the extracts had a harmful effect on the human dermal fibroblast, as revealed in the MTT assay. In the cell study, the effect of the ethanol extract at various concentrations on the human dermal fibroblast was investigated. At the 10 concentration, the ethanol extract boosted the pro-collagen type I synthesis to ng/mL and reduced the MMP-1 to ng/mL, which was considered the optimum concentration. This is the first study that focused on the anti-oxidant and anti-skin-aging effects of abalone viscera extract. Its results may provide fundamental data for further study.
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한국에서 생산되는 전복의 영양성분 비교 분석,이정뢰;김보섭;강성국;

한국식품저장유통학회지, 2013. vol.20. 4, pp.441-450 crossref(new window)
전복내장 젓갈의 제조 및 품질특성,이정뢰;김보섭;강성국;

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