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Conserved Regions in Mitochondrial Genome Sequences of Small Mammals in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Conserved Regions in Mitochondrial Genome Sequences of Small Mammals in Korea
Kim, Hye Ri; Park, Yung Chul;
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Comparative sequence analyses were conducted on complete mtDNA sequences from four small mammal species in Korea and revealed the presence of 30 well conserved sequences in various regions of the complete mtDNA sequences. The conserved sequences were found in 9 regions in protein coding genes, 10 regions in tRNA genes, 10 in rRNA genes, one region in replication origin and 2 regions in D loop. They could be used to design primers for amplifying complete mtDNA sequences of small mammals.
complete mtDNA;small mammal;conserved sequences;sequence analyses;mitochondrial genome;
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