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Some DTPA Extractable Micronutrients in Different Hill Forest Soils of Chittagong Region, Bangladesh
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 Title & Authors
Some DTPA Extractable Micronutrients in Different Hill Forest Soils of Chittagong Region, Bangladesh
Akhtaruzzaman, Md.; Osman, K.T.; Sirajul Haque, S.M.;
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DTPA (Diethelene-triamine pentaacetic acid) extractable micronutrients of surface soil samples from six different locations of Cox`s Bazar and Chittagong districts were studied. All the soils under study were sufficient in DTPA extractable Fe, Mn and Cu contents. The available Zn contents in soils of Dulhazara, Chengchhari and Faissakhali under study were also above the critical limit while soils at Fulchhari, Hasnabad and CU were deficient in available Zn. The study also showed that DTPA extractable Fe content had the significant and positive relationships with clay and soil organic carbon. On the hand, negative and significant relationship was observed between extractable Mn and soil pH while DTPA extractable Zn and Cu were positively and significantly correlated with soil organic carbon of the studied area.
hill forest soils;DTPA extractable micronutrients status;correlation;
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