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Echolocation Call Structure and Intensity of the Malaysian Myotis muricola (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)
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 Title & Authors
Echolocation Call Structure and Intensity of the Malaysian Myotis muricola (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)
Yoon, Kwang Bae; Park, Yung Chul;
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Echolocation call structure and intensity were measured from the Malaysian Myotis muricola, which were recorded from the hand-released bat. The Malaysian M. muricola produced typical FM call pattern of the genus Myotis, producing steep, downward frequency-modulated calls. The average PF of calls is . Discrete PF patterns of two types are found, which consist of 63.39 kHz and 66.15 kHz. The averages of SF and D are and , respectively. There are various IPI lengths with average of . A pulse consists of two harmonies which consist of the first harmony with wider bandwidth and the second harmony with narrower bandwidth. The PF of the first harmony is higher than that of the second harmony. The typical FM call structure, with two harmonies and wide bandwidth, would be highly related to fast flying and wide screening in the dense forests.
Myotis muricola;Echolocation call;Vespertilionidae;Bat;FM call;
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