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Fabrication of YSZ-based Micro Tubular SOFC Single Cell using Electrophoretic Deposition Process
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 Title & Authors
Fabrication of YSZ-based Micro Tubular SOFC Single Cell using Electrophoretic Deposition Process
Yu, Seung-Min; Lee, Ki-Tae;
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Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ)-based micro tubular SOFC single cells were fabricated by electrophoretic deposition (EPD) process. Stable slurries for the EPD process were prepared by adding phosphate ester (PE) as a dispersant in order to control the pH, conductivity, and zeta-potential. NiO-YSZ anode support, NiO-YSZ anode functional layer (AFL), and YSZ electrolyte were consecutively deposited on a graphite rod using the EPD process; materials were then co-sintered at for 4 h. The thickness of the deposited layer increased with increasing of the applied voltage and the deposition time. A YSZ-based micro tubular single cell fabricated by the EPD process exhibited a maximum power density of at .
Solid oxide fuel cells;Micro tubular single cell;Electrophoretic deposition;Slurry;Dispersant;
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