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Anode-supported Type SOFCs based on Novel Low Temperature Ceramic Coating Process
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 Title & Authors
Anode-supported Type SOFCs based on Novel Low Temperature Ceramic Coating Process
Choi, Jong-Jin; Ahn, Cheol-Woo; Kim, Jong-Woo; Ryu, Jungho; Hahn, Byung-Dong; Yoon, Woon-Ha; Park, Dong-Soo;
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To prevent an interfacial reaction between the anode and the electrolyte layer during the conventional high-temperature co-firing process, an anode-supported type cell with a thin-film electrolyte was fabricated by low-temperature ceramic thick film coating process. Ni-GDC cermet composite was used as the anode material and YSZ was used as the electrolyte material. Open circuit voltage and maximum power density were found to strongly depend on the surface uniformity of the anode functional layer. By optimizing the microstructure of the anode functional layer, the open circuit voltage and maximum powder density of the cell increased to 1.11 V and , respectively, at . When a GDC barrier layer was applied between the YSZ electrolyte and the LSCF cathode, the cell showed good stability, with almost no degradation up to 100 h. Anode-supported type SOFCs with high performance and good stability were fabricated using a coating process.
SOFC;Anode-supported type;Coating;Low temperature process;
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