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Lanthanum Nickelates with a Perovskite Structure as Protective Coatings on Metallic Interconnects for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
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 Title & Authors
Lanthanum Nickelates with a Perovskite Structure as Protective Coatings on Metallic Interconnects for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Waluyo, Nurhadi S.; Park, Beom-Kyeong; Song, Rak-Hyun; Lee, Seung-Bok; Lim, Tak-Hyoung; Park, Seok-Joo; Lee, Jong-Won;
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An interconnect is the key component of solid oxide fuel cells that electrically connects unit cells and separates fuel from oxidant in the adjoining cells. To improve their surface stability in high-temperature oxidizing environments, metallic interconnects are usually coated with conductive oxides. In this study, lanthanum nickelates () with a perovskite structure are synthesized and applied as protective coatings on a metallic interconnect (Crofer 22 APU). The partial substitution of Co, Cu, and Fe for Ni improves electrical conductivity as well as thermal expansion match with the Crofer interconnect. The protective perovskite layers are fabricated on the interconnects by a slurry coating process combined with optimized heat-treatment. The perovskite-coated interconnects show area-specific resistances as low as at .
Solid oxide fuel cell;Metallic interconnect;Protective coating;Perovskite oxide;Lanthanum nickelate;
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