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Particle Stabilized Wet Foam to Prepare SiO2-SiC Porous Ceramics by Colloidal Processing
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 Title & Authors
Particle Stabilized Wet Foam to Prepare SiO2-SiC Porous Ceramics by Colloidal Processing
Bhaskar, Subhasree; Park, Jung Gyu; Han, In Sub; Lee, Mi Jai; Lim, Tae Young; Kim, Ik Jin;
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Porous ceramics with tailored pore size and shape are promising materials for the realization of a number of functional and structural properties. A novel method has been reported for the investigation of the role of SiC in the formation of foams by colloidal wet processing. Within a suitable pH range of 9.9 ~ 10.5 , particles were partially hydrophobized using hexylamine as an amphiphile. Different mole ratios of the SiC solution were added to the surface modified suspension. The contact angle was found to be around , with an adsorption free energy . The Laplace pressure of about 1.25 ~ 1.6 mPa was found to correspond to a wet foam stability of about 80 ~ 85%. The mechanical and thermal properties were analyzed for the sintered ceramics, with the highest compressive load observed at the mole ratio of 1:1.75. Hertzian indentations are used to evaluate the damage behavior under constrained loading conditions of -SiC porous ceramics.
Porous ceramics;Wet process;Adsorption free energy;Laplace pressure;Wet foam stability;Hertzian indentations;
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