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Effect of Strontium Carbonate Content on Flexural Strength of Clay-Based Membrane Supports
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Strontium Carbonate Content on Flexural Strength of Clay-Based Membrane Supports
Eom, Jung-Hye; Kim, Young-Wook; Song, In-Hyuck;
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The effect of content on the microstructure, porosity, flexural strength, and pore size distribution of clay-based membrane supports was investigated. Green compacts prepared from low cost materials such as kaolin, bentonite, talc, sodium borate, and strontium carbonate were sintered at for 8 h in air. It was possible to control the porosity of the clay-based membrane supports within the range of 33% to 37% by adjusting the content. The flexural strength of the clay-based membrane supports was found to strongly depend on their porosity. In turn, the porosity was affected by the content. The average pore size and flexural strength of the clay-based membrane supports containing 4 wt% were and 33 MPa at 34% porosity.
Membranes;Clay;Strontium carbonate;Porosity;Strength;
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