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Formation of Ti3SiC2 Interphase of SiC Fiber by Electrophoretic Deposition Method
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 Title & Authors
Formation of Ti3SiC2 Interphase of SiC Fiber by Electrophoretic Deposition Method
Lee, Hyeon-Geun; Kim, Daejong; Jeong, Yeon Su; Park, Ji Yeon; Kim, Weon-Ju;
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Due to its stability at high temperature and its layered structure, MAX phase was considered to the interphase of composite. In this study, MAX phase powder was deposited on SiC fiber via the electrophoretic deposition (EPD) method. The Zeta potential of the suspension with and without polyethyleneimine as a dispersant was measured to determine the conditions of the EPD experiments. Using a suspension with 0.03 wt.% ball milled powder and 0.3 wt.% PEI, MAX phase was successfully coated on SiC fiber with an EPD voltage of 10 V for 2 h. Most of the coated powders are composed of spherical particles. Part of the powders that are platelet shaped are oriented parallel to the SiC fiber surface. From these results we expect that can be applied to the interphase of composites.
Interphase;MAX phase;SiC fiber;EPD;;
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