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Enhanced Crystallization Behaviour and Microwave Dielectric Properties of 0.9CaMgSi2O6-0.1MgSiO3 Glass-Ceramics Doped with TiO2
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 Title & Authors
Enhanced Crystallization Behaviour and Microwave Dielectric Properties of 0.9CaMgSi2O6-0.1MgSiO3 Glass-Ceramics Doped with TiO2
Jo, Hyun Jin; Sun, Gui Nam; Kim, Eung Soo;
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The dependence of the microwave dielectric properties of the glass-ceramic composite on the crystallization behaviour was investigated as functions of the content and heat-treatment temperature. The crystallization behaviour of the specimens was evaluated via a combination of the Rietveld and reference-intensity ratio methods. For specimens with a content of up to 1 wt.%, a monoclinic diopside phase was formed, whereas a secondary phase was formed with further increases in the content. The quality factor (Qf) of the specimens was strongly dependent on the degree of crystallization. The highest Qf value was obtained with a content of 0.5 wt.%, which was improved by increasing the heat-treatment temperature. The dielectric constant (K) was affected by the size of the crystallites and the content. The temperature coefficient of the resonant frequency (TCF) was nearly constant for all of the specimens, regardless of the content or heattreatment temperature.
Glass-ceramics;Diopside;Enstatite;Microwave dielectric properties;Degree of crystallization;
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