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Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Synthesis by Simultaneous Injection to Produce Nano Whisker Aragonite
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 Title & Authors
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Synthesis by Simultaneous Injection to Produce Nano Whisker Aragonite
Ramakrishna, Chilakala; Thenepalli, Thriveni; Huh, Jae-Hoon; Ahn, Ji Whan;
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The synthesis of pure calcium carbonate nanocrystals was achieved using a simultaneous injection method to produce nano particles of uniform size. These were characterized using scanning electron microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction. The nano particles were needle-shaped aragonite polymorphs, approximately 100-200 nm in length. The aragonite polymorph of calcium carbonate was prepared using aqueous solutions of and , which were injected simultaneously into double distilled water at and then allowed to react for 1.5 h. The resulting whisker-type nano aragonite with high aspect ratio (30) is biocompatible and potentially suitable for applications in light weight plastics, as well as in the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and paint industries.
Nano aragonite whiskers;Simultaneous Injection Method;Aspect ratio;PCC;
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