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Thermal Conductivity Analysis of Amorphous Silicon Formed by Natural Cooling: A Molecular-dynamics Study
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 Title & Authors
Thermal Conductivity Analysis of Amorphous Silicon Formed by Natural Cooling: A Molecular-dynamics Study
Lee, Byoung Min;
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To investigate the thermal conductivity and the structural properties of naturally cooled excimer-laser annealed Si, molecular-dynamics (MD) simulations have been performed. The thermal conductivity of crystalline Si (c-Si) was measured by direct method at 1000 K. Steady-state heat flow was measured using a stationary temperature profile; significant deviations from Fourier`s law were not observed. Reliable processes for measuring the thermal conductivity of c-Si were presented. A natural cooling process to admit heat flow from molten Si (l-Si) to c-Si was performed using an MD cell with a size of . During the cooling process, the temperature of the bottom of the MD cell was controlled at 300 K. The results suggest that the natural cooling system described the static structural property of amorphous Si (a-Si) well.
MD simulations;Silicon;Thermal conductivity;Natural cooling;Static structure factors;
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