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Hot-Injection Thermolysis of Cobalt Antimony Nanoparticles with Co(II)-Oleate and Sb(III)-Oleate
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 Title & Authors
Hot-Injection Thermolysis of Cobalt Antimony Nanoparticles with Co(II)-Oleate and Sb(III)-Oleate
Ahn, Jong-Pil; Kim, Min-Suk; Kim, Se-Hoon; Lee, Byung-Ha; Kim, Do-Kyung; Park, Joo-Seok;
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A novel strategy for the synthesis of nanoparticles is demonstrated via preparation of novel organometallic complexes. Hydrated cobalt oleate (CoOl) and non-hydrated antimony oleate (SbOl) complexes are synthesized as precursors. The nanoparticles are prepared by hot injection, which involves thermolysis of CoOl and SbOl in a non-coordinating solvent at . The coordination modes and distinct thermal behaviors of the intermediate non-hydrated SbOl complexes are comparatively investigated by thermo-analytical techniques. When the reaction temperature is increased, the particle size is found to increase linearly. The crystallinity of the nanoparticles prepared at is amorphous phase without any peaks. structural peaks start to appear at and dominant peaks with high crystallinity are synthesized at . The potential chemical structures of non-hydrated SbOl and their reaction mechanisms by thermolysis are elucidated. The elemental composition and crystallographic structure of nanoparticles suggest a bimodal interaction of the organic shell and the nanoparticle surface, with a chemical absorbed inner layer and physically absorbed outer layer of carboxylic acid.
Solution process;Coordinate; nanoparticles;Thermolysis;Hot-injection;
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