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Process Design for Multi-pass Profile Drawing using Round Materials
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  • Journal title : Transactions of Materials Processing
  • Volume 24, Issue 4,  2015, pp.234-240
  • Publisher : The Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity
  • DOI : 10.5228/KSTP.24.4.234
 Title & Authors
Process Design for Multi-pass Profile Drawing using Round Materials
Lee, I. K.; Choi, C. Y.; Lee, S. K.; Jeong, M. S.; Lee, J. W.; Kim, D. H.; Cho, Y. J.; Kim, B. M.;
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Multi-pass shape drawing is very important to produce steel profiles in round samples. In the current study, a process design system is developed for a multi-pass shape drawing. In general, the number of passes for a multi-pass shape drawing is 2 to 3 when the reduction ratio, drawing stress, and productivity are considered. Therefore, calculating the drawing stress and designing the intermediated die shapes are very important. In order to calculate the drawing stress, a shape drawing load prediction method is proposed using a general axisymmetric drawing load prediction model. An intermediate die shape design method is proposed using the initial and the final product shapes. Based on this analysis, a process design system is developed for multi-pass shape drawing for steel profiles. The system works with AutoCAD. The system was applied to design a shape drawing of a spline.
Multi-pass Shape Drawing;Drawing Load;Drawing Stress;Process Design System;Intermediated Die Shape;
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형상인발공정 기술동향,이상곤;이인규;김병민;

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