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Surface Hardness as a Function of Laser Metal Deposition Parameters
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  • Journal title : Transactions of Materials Processing
  • Volume 24, Issue 4,  2015, pp.272-279
  • Publisher : The Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity
  • DOI : 10.5228/KSTP.24.4.272
 Title & Authors
Surface Hardness as a Function of Laser Metal Deposition Parameters
Kim, WH; Jung, BH; Park, ID; Oh, MH; Choi, SW; Kang, DM;
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The characteristics of the laser metal deposition parameters were studied to enhance the deposition efficiency using a diode pumped disk laser. STD61 hot tool steel plate and Fe based AISI M2 alloy were used as a substrate and powder for the laser metal deposition, respectively. Among the laser metal deposition parameters the laser power, track pitch and powder feed rate were used to estimate the deposition efficiency. From the experimental results, the deposition efficiency was shown to be excellent when 1.8kW laser power 500um track pitch and 10g/min of the powder feed rate were used. For this optimal condition the average hardness of the deposition track was approximately 830HV, and this value is 30~50% better than the hardness of the commercially produced tool steel after heat treatment.
Laser Metal Deposition;STD61;M2 Powder;Track;Hardness;
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DED 기술을 이용한 고속도 공구강 M4 분말 적층에 관한 연구,이은미;신광용;이기용;윤희석;심도식;

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