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Spring-back Prediction of DP980 Steel Sheet Using a Yield Function with a Hardening Model
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  • Journal title : Transactions of Materials Processing
  • Volume 25, Issue 3,  2016, pp.189-194
  • Publisher : The Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity
  • DOI : 10.5228/KSTP.2016.25.3.189
 Title & Authors
Spring-back Prediction of DP980 Steel Sheet Using a Yield Function with a Hardening Model
Kim, J.H.; Kang, G.S.; Lee, H.S.; Kim, J.H.; Kim, B.M.;
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In the current study, spring-back of DP980 steel sheet was numerically evaluated for U-bending using a yield function with a hardening model. For spring-back prediction, two types of yield functions - Hill`48 and Yld2000-2d - were considered. Additionally, isotropic hardening and the Yoshida-Uemori model were used to investigate the spring-back behavior. The parameters for each model were obtained from uniaxial tension, uniaxial tension-compression, uniaxial tension-unloading and hydraulic bulging tests. The numerical simulations were performed using the commercial software, PAM-STAMP 2G. The results were compared with experimental data from a U-bending process.
Spring-back;Hardening Model;Yield Function;U-bending;Advanced High Strength Steel;
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