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Effect of Disease Resistance on Oral Administration of Lightyellow Sophora Extract in Olive Flounder
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Disease Resistance on Oral Administration of Lightyellow Sophora Extract in Olive Flounder
SEO, Jung-Soo; JEON, Eun-Ji; KWON, Mun-Gyeong; HWANG, Jee-Youn; KIM, Jin-Do; JUNG, Sung-Hee; KIM, Na-Young; JEE, Bo-Young; PARK, Myoung-Ae;
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The effects of lightyellow sophora, Sophora flavescens extract were tested on non-specific immune response and a disease resistance of olive flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus. For feeding trial, weight gain of fish fed different treated groups were not significant differences. Serum analysis of treated and control group did not demonstrated any differences. Lysozyme activity in the kidney and spleen of the 0.05% treated group on and week showed significant increase, respectively. In addition, phagocytic activity of the 0.05% treated group on and 8th week showed significant increase compared to the control group. Histopathology of the liver and kidney tissue of the administrated group for , and week showed no particular signs of tissue degeneration. The treated group was higher than control group by analyzing the relative percent survival (RPS) of the experimental challenge of Edwardsiella tarda. Therefore, the lightyellow sophora showed effective in preventing fish-pathogenic edwardsiellosis for a certain period of time.
Lightyellow sophora;Sophora flavescens;Immunostimulant;Disease resistance;Paralichthys olivaceus;
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복합 생약재 열수추출물 투여에 따른 넙치 세균성 질병에 대한 질병저항성,서정수;전은지;권문경;황지연;정승희;김나영;지보영;박명애;

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