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A Study of International Research Cooperation based on Elsevier Papers of Marine Biodiversity
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 Title & Authors
A Study of International Research Cooperation based on Elsevier Papers of Marine Biodiversity
OH, Hyuntaik; KIM, Hyejin;
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The international collaboration on marine biodiversity increases in the proportion of the world`s scientific papers produced with more than one international author, 2006-2010. The number of scientific papers from 2006 to 2010 describing "marine new species (or spec. nov., n. sp.)" published 401 (international ranking : ) by S. Korea, 824 () by China, 1,249() by Japan, 1,282() by Austrailia, and 3,679 () by United States. The papers having an international co-authorship account for 52.0% by S. Korea, 79.0% by China, 67.0% by Japan, 81.0% by Australia at the same period. The proportion of national publication output produced in collaboration with other countries differs proportionately between countries. In S. Korea, the overall numbers of international collaboration were not growing significantly. Both in Japan and China, an overall numbers of international collaboration increased well in accordance with the proportion of national output with international collaboration.
Marine biodiversity;International research cooperation;Elsevier;New species;
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