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A Study on the Impact between the Export Education of SMEs in Busan Region and Export Possibility by Logistic Regression Analysis
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Impact between the Export Education of SMEs in Busan Region and Export Possibility by Logistic Regression Analysis
LIM, Yong-Suk;
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The purpose of this research is to examine the impact between the export education of SMEs in Busan Region and export possibility. 62 SMEs in Busan Region were participated in survey. For the empirical analysis, Logistic regression analysis was used with Spss12 to analyze the impact between the involvement on export education and SME`s export possibility. In a result, among 3 variables (support, participancy, importance) of involvement on export education, the importance had the influence significantly on export possibility of SMEs. The results indicated that having the intention about the importance of export education is very notable, and implied that it is necessary to develop the education program emphasizing the importance of export education for SMEs` successful export.
SMEs;Export;Education;Involvement;Busan Region;Logistic Regression;
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