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Characterization of Tetracycline-Resistant Genes of Staphylococci isolates from Human and Marine Environment
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 Title & Authors
Characterization of Tetracycline-Resistant Genes of Staphylococci isolates from Human and Marine Environment
CHO, Ki-Taek; KIM, Young-Chul; KWON, Woo-Ju; JEONG, Hyun-Do;
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For comparison of tetracycline-resistant () genes, we obtained 21 and 14 Staphylococcus spp. from marine environment and human patient, respectively. Although all isolates from human were identified as Staphylococcus aureus, higher proportion of isolates (12 out of 14) from human were utilizing tet(M) gene compared to that of isolates (6 out of 21) from marine environment. Additionally, collaborated utilization of tet(M) and erm(A) in S. aureus in human patient, but not in Staphylococcus spp. isolates from marine environment was also characterized. Based on the nucleotide sequence of transposon related to gene, we confirmed the origin of tet(M) gene in Staphylococci isolated from marine environments and human are derived from Tn916/1545-like and Tn5801 transposon, respectively. It is the first report showing the presence of Tn5801 in all S. aureus carrying tet(M) in human patient. Alignment of the fully sequenced tet(M) from marine environmental isolates was also agreed with the determined transposons by showing the genomic mosaic structure composed with three genomic parts from Tn916/1545 and unknown transposons. Genetic characteristics of these tet(M) in environmental isolates were similar to each other but different from those in isolates from human showing only tet(M) from Tn916/5801 type. It may imply the presence of less dramatic communication of antibiotic resistant genes between Staphylococci isolated from marine environment and human.
Resistance genes;tet(M);Staphylococci;Transposon;
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