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Benthic algal community of Ulleungdo, East coast of Korea
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 Title & Authors
Benthic algal community of Ulleungdo, East coast of Korea
KIM, Sung-Tae; HWANG, Kangseok; PARK, Gyu-Jin; CHOI, Chang Geun;
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A subtidal marine benthic algal vegetation at Ulleungdo Island, the eastern coast of Korea was investigated to clarify the community structure and vertical distribution by quadrat method at seven stations in May and August 2014. The total number of marine algal species was 148 species composed of the green algae of 12 species, the brown algae of 40 species and the red algae of 96 species. Mean biomass in dry weight was in study sites, in upper tidal level, and in middle level. The R/P and (R+C)/P value reflecting flora characteristic were 1.9 and 2.3, respectively. Three groups produced by cluster analysis, one including sites Neunggeol, Daepung, Jukdo, second including sites Gongam, Ssangjeongcho and the other including sites Gwaneum, Hangnam, showed meaningful difference in similarity (about 40%), each other. The number of marine algal species and biomass in Ulleungdo Island area were markedly reduced comparing that in the previous studies. This result may suggest probably change of algal vegetation in future, considering the physical and chemical pollutions loaded in the coastal marine environment of this area.
Vertical distribution;Ulleungdo;Marine algae;Flora;
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